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Bathrooms "New Generation Turkish Bath" and designed as a whole has been designed with the visitor comfort in mind. The new generation of whirlpool spasusually are preferred. We are the jacuzzis, the rooms open for use, more comfortableand functional bathrooms with "massage pool" is used. These pools and width, as well as more useful in terms of comfort


Opium Mermer'inden bathrooms floors and walls are made of first class, has a ceiling height of 3 m, moisture-repellent "Aquapanel" used in the suspended ceiling. Mold,bacteria and moisture do not maintain a more healthy because of the bathrooms.


Both the interior lighting, the lighting and massage pools have different lightingoptions.


Accordance with the concept of Turkish Bath Basin bathrooms, showers, massagepool, dry sauna, and changing room is located. Bathrooms with a minimum width of 25 square meters (m²), spacious and quiet encouraging.

- Standard Room
- Suite Room
- Apartment Room
Green Termal
Yalova Termal
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