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Termal / Yalova / Türkiye

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Yenikapı - Yalova [ Arrival time at our hotel an average of 1 hour 25 minutes ]
Yenikapi pier "Fast Ferry" on routes to take advantage of our guests on foot orvehicle if they choose. After the sea voyage terminating in the City Center in Yalova"Cinarcik" acting in the direction of Thermal - Thermal junction Cinarcik continuedaccess to the routes. If you arrive at the pier next to the tool-less thermal minibus and /or bus to reach our hotel.


Kartal - Yalova [ mean duration of 55 minutes from our hotel ]
Tool-free for travel should be preferred. The last stop in the city center pier. Here, orcommercial taxi to our hotel can be reached by public transport.

Pendik - Yalova [ mean duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes from our hotel ]
May be preferred as a vehicle or pedestrian. With Fast Ferry from Yalova City Centreguests can use public transportation or commercial taxis. Our guests come fromprivate vehicle to reach the hotel by following the thermal route.

Eski Hisar - Topçular [ mean duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes from our hotel ]
Stands on the outskirts of the old fortress artillery from the ferries. Yalova on the alignment of the vehicle owners should move down to artillery. The artillery in the quay of the guests without vehicles by public transport to city center of Yalova, Termal can reach from there.

BURSA [ arrival time at our hotel an average of 1 hour ]
Our guests come from Bursa Gemlik - Orhangazi - uses the route of Yalova. After entering the City Centre traffic signs will make the necessary guidance of Yalova.

KOCAELİ [ arrival time at our hotel an average of 1 hour ]
Golcuk - Degirmendere - Karamürsel - apartment - Yalova monitored route. 12 kminland from the center of the province are indicated by traffic signs in the Thermal..


Yalova Transportation From City Center

Our hotel is 12 Km away from Yalova City Center. Gokcedere, Üvezpinar,Yenimahalle centers of the nearest settlement.

There is easy access to our hotel, the distance from the ferry port 12 km, 13 Kmaway from the fast ferry port.

Guests can use the sea route: a new door, Kartal, Yalova Pendik port wharves in the City Center, Old Castle from Pier The artillery can reach Pier. City center for non-private vehicles, taxi, bus, minibus options are available.

Please browse for flight times of the hydrofoil If you want to travel between cities by bus, shuttle, minibus taxis and ask for the hours-to-date information. 

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